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Mr. Mahesh G Tanna is a fully independent for his  Web news network. We currently broadcast worldwide, 24 X 7 hours a day through the live stream on our website

M.G.T Networks  connects influential decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Our strength – quickly and accurately delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology – is at the core of everything we do in. Mera Bharat Samachar TV Web News supported by his helpful groups of reporters team an started with the concept of web news Channels.  Mr. Mahesh G Tanna is the Producer and Editor in Chief of Mera Bharat Samachar TV Web News.  Mr. Tanna  has Many more companies like Srirujuta Reality  are in investments, developer and finance, with a lot of experience providing guidance to the people. Mr. Mahesh G Tanna is very dynamic in his approach and highly motivated with his consultative management style. He has strong leadership qualities along with working in details. He carries a vast experience of industry which we always motivate others to emulate. He is a  Politician supportive leader in Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).  Ex Maharashtra Secretary and incharge of three LOK SABHA at  present he is a Senior Political Leader in the party he is National Vise President of two NGO’s WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION AND JANALKYAN SAMAJONNATI INJUSTICE PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION COMMITEE and Chairman/MD of SRIRUJUTA CONSULTANCY PVT.LTD &  S.C Logistics with an intention to give Service to Humanity.

He is the individual who dependably works towards advance and tries to show signs of improvement every last time. He generally works for the improvement of MAKE IN INDIA . He works for the advancement of every last Indian. He needs  India to an alternate stage on the planet. He is motivation to the upcoming politician as well as for the adolescent in India. He generally tries to puts forth a strong effort and works for reality with no wavering. His every last commitment dependably works towards making India incredible. He is a man who works just for India and Humanity, regardless of whatever difficulties he needs to confront. He generally attempts to make India the best nation on the planet. He takes a shot at HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. He likewise rouses other to chip away at genuineness. He is an exceptionally steady pioneer and energizes the youthful and up and coming pioneers. He generally battles for reality. He is a man with Golden Heart.

Mr. Mahesh G Tanna has a vision of connecting people through  SAMAJ SEVA and  NEWS channels web site. Purpose of the web site is to show the most recent activities around the world and nation, our country, states and neighborhood. Let us be guided by the concept of Mahesh G Tanna that the only way we can build a better Community is by making aware the people of India and Nation not only as citizens, but even more importantly as a community. This is a community effort and it is through this community effort that we can help people.

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